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Philip Carter Strother, Philip Carter Winery & Inn at Vineyards Crossing

Number of Years in Business:    
Philip Carter Winery:  8 years
Inn at Vineyards Crossing:  3 years

How did you come to own a Winery and B&B?    
At Philip Carter, we are committed to providing guests with a destination experience in America’s wine country. 

The Inn at Vineyards Crossing provides luxury accommodations near Philip Carter in wine and horse country where guests can truly experience an epicurean destination.   

What made you take the leap of faith to become a business owner?
I am passionate about the preservation of the rural economy and farmscapes of Fauquier County and believe that we can make a difference in the lives of others through our efforts to advance an integrated and sustainable agricultural community. 

For me, it’s less about taking a leap of faith and more about doing what is right and necessary to provide jobs to others and to operate in a way that supports the community in which we serve. 

As the documented producers of the first internationally recognized fine wines in America, I believe that Philip Carter’s legacy is to provide a unique experience for guests in America’s wine country by broadening a deeper understanding of America’s rich history in viticulture and winemaking dating back over four hundred years.  

Proudest moment in business:

The most significant moment was in December 2011, when I traveled to London, England, to visit the Royal Society of the Arts, where I was named as a Fellow of the Royal Society for the advancement of cultural understanding and the humanities related to my efforts in Virginia wine. 

While visiting the RSA, I met with the head curator of RSA’s historical archives and reviewed documents dating back to the 1700s discussing the Carter family’s successful involvement in winemaking in Virginia.  One of the historical documents, dated October 20, 1762, provided confirmation that Carter’s wines produced at Cleve in Virginia were recognized as “excellent” wines and provided the first recorded history of international recognition for fines wine produced in America.

This achievement was followed in the spring of 2012 by a Proclamation from the Governor of Virginia and Certification by the Senate and House of Representatives of the General Assembly honoring and recognizing the 250th anniversary of Carter’s historic achievement.  The experience culminated in a 3-day celebration of the anniversary, which included a performance at Historic Christ Church in Irvington, Virginia where I participated in a playwright that I wrote, Of Wine & Words, which told the 400 year history of wine in Virginia, including the Carter family wine legacy. 

Favorite places to go in Fauquier to have fun:
Valley View Farm, Delaplane

Favorite places in Fauquier to take out-of-town guests:
Philip Carter Winery and the Inn at Vineyards Crossing

Best kept secret in Fauquier:
The Inn at Vineyards Crossing.   It is a small, quiet romantic getaway where guests can be pampered by their own private chef in luxury accommodations.  The Inn is also the anchor of the Village of Hume’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places, which I think is pretty cool.

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